for me, i’m optimistic and hopeful ’cuz i’m related to them…

from my sister:
“here are four more things.

“the first three are camille’s. camille is 10 and is definitely in a phase of observing the world, techniques that already exist, etc… and trying those things rather than just giving flow to her own raw creativity. but her ability to mimic and/or to understand the essence of something is, i think, amazing. the first is a “modigliani” style drawing of me, that she did in about 5 minutes….

“the second is something she just came up with one day… i have no idea where the psychedelic colors came from….

“and the last one is the way she draws all the time… trying to capture real life, somehow. mothers and their children, people in kitchens, women shopping… she draws these quotidian scenes all the time.

“the last thing is an abstract thing that mia did last night. pretty wild. she says there’s a vase in it. and indeed there is. you have to find it. it’s hidden in the “maze” as she says.”

2 thoughts on “for me, i’m optimistic and hopeful ’cuz i’m related to them…”

  1. love it!
    i hope somebody
    will draw me too
    like that.
    she’s 10
    then she has a long way
    to enjoy and capture
    the beauty of life.
    as for mia’s
    i can see homes and faces
    but then one can see
    what they believe.
    and it’s all good.
    thanks for sharing!


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