didn’t see this one coming, but i like it.

5 thoughts on “didn’t see this one coming, but i like it.”

  1. finally, you are looking beyond the deep blue sea and now are seeing the beauty of the trees. this one, i also like very much.
    i see black cow’s on the left and a an old rope swing on the right swaying in the breeze, brings back memories of some of the things i remember as a kid.


  2. Oh, I love it…tell me…what’s underneath that paint? such interesting textures…there seems to be an older story lying beneath the new one. I love the mix of bright and somber in this painting. And of course the weight of the water, the swells. Lovely. More, more, more.


    1. there’s some gesso under all of what you see, but ALL the paintings i’ve posted lately are phases of the same painting. she’ll paint, look at it, decide she doesn’t like it, paint over it, look at it, study it, contemplate, paint over it…..and that’s where we are today. or yesterday.


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