exploring the scent of a room.

2 thoughts on “exploring the scent of a room.”

  1. This is a lovely piece. I feel like I want to see it with my own eyes…i.e. in its original form. Is it big? Is it small? Does it have texture? Are the colors painted over a xerox of an image of paint cans? Or am I misreading the whole thing…the little bird and floating numbers are sweet touches. I love this. The caged bird sings.


    1. this is a spread from a sketchbook (11 x 17), scanned and cropped a little. the paint’s real, the cans are a xerox that was transfered with some very toxic liquid (xylene), and the rest are stickers, which DO provide a bit of texture. the page used to smell, but now, alas, it’s only in the mind of the little birdie.


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