softwares: like the great and powerful oz, power at your fingertips.

4 thoughts on “softwares: like the great and powerful oz, power at your fingertips.”

  1. I don’t know how the clients responded…though I can sorta imagine…but I love the line drawings of the hands. You don’t see much/enough of this kind of imagery. What was the outcome of these proposals? Or did they live only in a sketchbook?


    1. there were other concepts, but i forget what they were. here are my two favorites.

      the client had 3 related softwares, so the concepts were for the line of programs which i found complicated, abstract, mind-bending. so, i was desperate for a simple solution that was more than just cool looking.

      one concept, the left one, was based on the great and powerful oz. the other, the set on the right, was about power at your fingertips or in the palm of your hand. the oz one, i think, was too light, too thin, not practically reproducable. but the idea more interesting, in some way. the other, more a logo.


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