congratulations and stickiness!

3 thoughts on “congratulations and stickiness!”

  1. I’m amazed that with everything going on in your life that IS going on in your life, you still find time to blog! Hat’s off. Also want to say, I love all the little words around the ball…especially EAT YOUR OWN DELICIOUS APPLE. I have a feeling you wrote those. Did you? Very nice. And as for the script…beautifully done, as ever. Script pretty much changed your life. Didn’t it? Funny, that.


    1. after i do the script, i scan them – for the files, for the archives, for blogging.

      as for the quotes around the ball, they’re from various teachers at the school. the “delicious apple” is from sylvia gaffney. mine is “don’t be a weenie”. might be another but i can’t remember.

      script is fun.


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