a baby step borne of an impulse, curiosity and boredom?

5 thoughts on “a baby step borne of an impulse, curiosity and boredom?”

  1. I could be REALLY wrong, but that looks like you and Finny. Maybe now. But maybe in 30 years. I LOVE it. So much love between those two people you can’t see. Finny is an incredible artist. Has she ever thought about doing a show?


    1. actually, that’s me and mom walking down 5th avenue. it’s after a lunch that you and finny and mom and i had at bryant park one afternoon in may a couple years ago. it’s from a photo finny took.


  2. Oh something else. I don’t know if she intended this, but by painting the gray on top of what appears to be an already painted background, maybe even with another purpose in mind…she’s created the effect of wetness. Because the background strips run vertically, the bits that show through underneath the grey reflect perfectly the colors that rise above the gray…like water in puddles or in slick surfaces. REally, really beautiful. And I love the curvy outlines of the people. Nothing angular except the buildings. Soft. Human. She has an amazing touch and sense of color, line and composition. Hmmmm.


  3. Ronald, my dear. This is so beautiful. When I look at how lovely your work is, and marvel at it, I remember how it all flowed out of you, even when you were a very little boy, in an endless stream. You and Charlotte were an amazing pair. What lucky parents Dad and I were!

    Thank you, sweetie.

    Love, Mom


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