pc/86: frozen food packaging.

benihana 1-LOW

2 thoughts on “pc/86: frozen food packaging.”

  1. LOVE ’em!! I can see how the regular cubes could stack on a shelf or in the freezer, but what about the graduated boxes? Are the angles complementary, so that two boxes set side-by-side, or two rows stacked, would fit snugly together if one of any pair were upside-down? Kinda like so:


    1. exactly!!! but i didn’t think about the bottoms much. there IS an opportunity there that doesn’t show up in the photo.

      and, now that i look at them again, i’d put the logo on the top somewhere, so, if they were stacked in a low freezer, we could look down on the top and still know what we’re getting.

      whew, hope that makes sense.


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