sorta visual math punny… get it?


8 thoughts on “sorta visual math punny… get it?”

  1. I often do nut think when I should and often do when I shouldn’t. Thanks for the reminder. I love this. I love how the colors travel from bruise color to pastel donut sprinkle color.


  2. Ronald: Is this “punny,” as far as I know, a made-up word that might mean “having characteristics similar to a pun”? or “puny,” meaning feeble? If it is, literally, “punny,” I don’t get it–what is the pun? A pie-shaped critter is eating s pie?

    Alas. Your old mother doesn’t always get the joke. . .

    Love you to pieces, m’dear . . .



    1. that’s a donut. poor drawing skills might’ve ham-strung this one, but it’s a visual “math” pun: just read or describe what you see, in the order you see it. stole the idea from some brainteasers i saw as a kid a long time ago.


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