what would a creative circus student draw, they asked?

loafing ad-sorta 1fruit cocktail-LOWloafing ad-sorta 2
(i did not take the photo and can’t remember who did. so sorry… but wait! it may have been circus photography student kayla snow: http://www.kalasnow.com. art directed by colleen finn: greendogstudio.com)

2 thoughts on “what would a creative circus student draw, they asked?”

  1. When did you do that? I’ve never seen it…is it recent? I find that the older I get and the less I draw, well, big surprise, the less I know how to. I miss it. I think it uses a totally unique part of the brain. And mine’s feeling like it needs a workout. Yours has big muscles.


    1. did this about a year or two ago, for an ad the circus was going to run in the local creative loafing newspaper. thought about it, free-associated a bit, then drew it in a sketchbook while i was at a restaurant waiting for my grilled fish sammich.


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