mid-90s deadlines, due dates, birthdays, personalities and a copying machine.

01-TITLE PAGE-LOW 01.27-al allison-LOW 01.31-tom wood-LOW 02.16-john wilkerson-LOW 03.06-mark kooyman.blake parkman-LOW 03.22-emily tierney-LOW 04.11-dianne witter-LOW 05.01-moira shanahan-LOW 05.12-sheila medico-LOW 06.03-nobody-blurred calendar-LOW 06.23-gynn mcgrath.christi wehunt-LOW 07.04-laura shangraw-LOW 07.24-dianne brice-LOW 07.31-debra cramer-LOW 11.19-dave morris-LOW 12.06-nichole murray-LOW nobody- traced hands list-LOW nobody-saturn rabbit-LOW

2 thoughts on “mid-90s deadlines, due dates, birthdays, personalities and a copying machine.”

  1. ooooh, this takes me way back. Thanks for the journey. I love that rabbit on the planet…and I know someone else who would love it. Do you know who I’m talking about? I miss those days of constant sketch-booking…well, maybe you still do it, but I’m not there to witness it, so it’s very special when they pop up here. Thank you, again.


    1. i know who’d love it. (wink-wink!) version 2 is in the works. by the way, sketchbooking is hit-or-miss for me lately. fits and starts, spurts and lurches, unpredictable, though i think about it all the time.


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