oh, you know, when working on a logo you have to start somewhere.


3 thoughts on “oh, you know, when working on a logo you have to start somewhere.”

  1. Several thoughts. First, isn’t it great how pleasing a blob or scribble can be? Second, I never start there…that must be my problem. I used to, but I don’t anymore. Third, it’s been way too long since I put pencil to paper to start the process. Fourth, I love the splat.


    1. for better or worse, i always start doodling. some of my doodles are kinda tight, and in this case, for this assignment, i had an idea about juxtaposing chaos with order/cleanliness. so, scribbles. which also can be symbols for creativity, i’ve noticed. plus it was fun. though i did start thinking — or overthinking — about the scribbles: too organized? too symmetric? not child-like enough? not chaotic enough? whew….scribbling made me TENSE!


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