hour 1: rejected by chronicle, accepted by the internet, viewed by the universe.

You ever have those dreams where one thing leads to another and there seems to be no logical connection? The settings, characters and situations wander. Juxtapositions are random and dramatic. Tangents upon tangents are taken and nothing makes sense. Physics, reality, memory, experience, and time are not working the way they’re supposed to. Even colors…. am I color blind?

Oh, gravity!

Everything feels serious and funny! And then, without reason, you wake up….
A li t t l e  w  o  b   b    l      y       .

An exquisite corpse.
01-book in box 07-open spread 06-colored spreads 05-spreads-multiple
04-spread 2 03-spread 1 02-book out of box#D-02-LOW

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