here is what i do:

until december 2019, i was at the creative circus (a two-year portfolio school in Atlanta, Georgia), provoking, prodding, challenging, inspiring, collaborating, mentoring… a creative laxative… a role model… tickling. specifically, for just over 16 years, i was the head of the design department, preparing students for lives in the real world as highly competent designers (traditional and digital). if you’re curious to see what this looks like, go to and look around (if you click on “design & interactive design”, my influence is there through december 2019). i was also getting better and faster at everything, too.

now i freelance. self-employed. a hired gun. doing what i’ve been sharing and practicing for years – solving all manner of business problems creatively, strategically. whether it’s branding, advertising, typography, publications, environmental… hopefully it’s entertaining, too. but don’t listen to me, see for yourself:

as for me? for fun? day or night? no difference, really. i imagine. i making things up. i make things. i try to be as original as possible. (please, let me know if you find it otherwise.) cutting, gluing, drawing, doodling, picture taking, writing, desperate means and media, doesn’t matter… just putting things out there. kinda like exhaling. or pooping, but more palatable. whatever comes next tries to impress or entertain my wife… my sister… my nieces… you. maybe it’ll make you chuckle.

thanks for your time.

7 thoughts on “wiki-ME!-dia”

  1. Dewd, you should upload anything that resembles your awesome 3D sketch books, that would by no means ever close shut. No? How about some achitecty line drawings? …No? Ok, how about some xerox hand smearing…

    miss ya Ron!


  2. Ron Moore! I hope you submitted some of your sketchbooks to the Sketchbook Tour. It’s coming your way in ATL! If not, they’re doing another tour next year. Hope to see yours in there at some point :)


    1. yeah, me and finny did one. right before we sent it, i took pictures of each spread and posted them here. turned out to be about 32 days’ worth. (if you click “sketchbooks” in the category list, you’ll see it there.) fun! our little book should be in austin with about 15,000 others, and will be in atlanta sometime in april. after looking at some of the others, ours is modest and simple. anyway, wheee!!!!!


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