here is what i do:

most recently, until december 2019, i was at the creative circus (a two-year portfolio school), provoking, prodding, challenging, inspiring, collaborating, mentoring…. a creative laxative…. a role model…. tickling. specifically, i was the head of the design department, getting students ready for lives as highly competent designers (traditional and digital) in the real world. if you’re curious to see what this looks like, go to and look around (my influence is there through december 2019). i was also getting better and faster at everything, too.

now i freelance. self-employed. a hired gun. doing what i’ve been sharing and practicing for years – solving all manner of business problems creatively, strategically. branding, advertising, typography, environmental…. entertainment. hopefully entertaining, too.

for me? for fun? day or night? no difference, really. i imagine. i making things up. i make things. i try to be as original as possible. (please, let me know if you find it otherwise.) cutting, gluing, drawing, doodling, picture taking, writing, desperate means and media, doesn’t matter…. just putting things out there. kinda like exhaling. or pooping but more palatable. whatever’s next is trying to impress or entertain my sister… my wife….my nieces….you. maybe it’ll get a chuckle.

thanks for sharing.

download my résumé here:

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