logo exploration for santa ana, ca.

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creative direction: north star ideas
given tagline: downtown orange county

and now the sketches, which they wanted to see:

logo explorations for balser art ventures.

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ron balser, a visionary and optimist, had a side hustle as a multi-media artist. his main interest was in promoting the engraved stone benches he’d produced, but he also had an interest in fine art photography, as well as programming animated LED signs of inspirational quotations.

for the rest of the branding, please go here:

logo explorations for vallejo, ca.

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creative direction: north star ideas
given tagline: celebrating everyday people.

sketches came first:

leapfrog the laggards – a little t-shirt inspiration for the crispin crowd.

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leapfrog the laggards-tight sketches-3
leapfrog the laggards-tight sketches-2
leapfrog the laggards-tight sketches-1

leaping began with sketches:

creative direction/client: PAUL STECHSCHULTE

what should a sconed biscuit look like? (for my little buttercup.)

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how to draw a parrot: step 1 – look at a dang parrot.

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a little foil stamping, a little letterpressing… and a new york jeweler gets something fancy!

July 19, 2015 § 1 Comment

david sachs card-envelope-LOW

ideas, like ants, are starting to gather…

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inspiration 1-LOW inspiration 2-LOW

oh, you know, when working on a logo you have to start somewhere.

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hot or cold…whew knew!

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