logo exploration: bounce houz.

round 1 ( six options) and round 2 (variations on a theme with an expanded color palette).

the client: a boutique workout space that uses primarily trampolines. so, trying to suggest things energetic, feminine, positive (ie: self-improvement, growth and all that), bouncy (referring to the movement of the classes, the exercises, and the trampolines themselves), somewhat sophisticated and tasteful (almost a spa but fun), and a place that’s uniquely itself — ie: not a donut shop, a kiddie play space, a german disco furniture store, or worse — something generic, confusing or uninspiring. “disco” was the theme chosen by the client.

logo explorations for balser art ventures.

ron balser, a visionary and optimist, had a side hustle as a multi-media artist. his main interest was in promoting the engraved stone benches he’d produced, but he also had an interest in fine art photography, as well as programming animated LED signs of inspirational quotations.

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