maybe what’s not shown is anxiety.

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grad class doodles-06.19-LOW

day 19: animals with human jobs.

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DAY 19A-animals with human jobs-72DAY 19B-animals with human jobs-72

the x’s almost ended me (like they’ll do).

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affectionand it all started with this:day-29-something-i-cant-live-without-72

you can tell we had lots of fun cuz of the colorful messiness.

March 14, 2019 § 2 Comments

grad class doodles-03.19-LOW

remember: you won’t die, so….

February 14, 2019 § 2 Comments


leapfrog the laggards – a little t-shirt inspiration for the crispin crowd.

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PrintPrintleapfrog the laggards-tight sketches-3leapfrog the laggards-tight sketches-2leapfrog the laggards-tight sketches-1PrintPrintPrintPrintPrint

creative direction/client: PAUL STECHSCHULTE

another quarter, not quite as many problems it seems.

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grad class doodles-12.18-LOW

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