having fun isn’t quite as simple as it used to be. (sigh…)

this is another quarterly cover for
the design department directory/handbook.
it was bound on both sides, so to get into it,
the user had to make a decision –
am i creative or a designer? –
then rip the cover off the wire binding.
commitment. so hard.

to look at a designer, the surprise might be inside – where everything’s on fire, as it should be.

top, the outside cover (die-cut moment of sizzle);
next, the cover unfolded (and…and….and…..);
finally, the inside of the cover (surprise!).
revealing the guts:
the world of creative circus designiness!

hothothot and hellishly fun!

or not.

1st-year anniversary: paper (that’s all and not at all but more).

kyle burdg (www.burdg.com) is finishing the images of a book i made last august inspired by the one-year anniversary of my marriage. there are about 40 pages in the book (die-cuts, folds, rips, slices…..whew!), so more images are on their way.

stay tuned. til then…..enjoy.