oscar’s third chapter: sweaty metaphoring.

Oscar remembered a woman he used to be involved with who had a large, dense pink azalea bush at the end of her driveway. There, mounted on a large white spring in the middle of the azalea, stood her mailbox, painted like a loaf of Wonder Bread. She collected brooms. Her house was very comfortable, but ultimately, Oscar determined, he did not want two mothers.

Oscar made some brooms for her. He was remembering some of the brooms he had made when his mother first popped the question about attraction and repulsion. Well, actually, he started out thinking about brooms, but that lead him to thoughts about personal symbols: his would be either a big beachball or a cloud. Then he thought about his mother’s symbol – what would it be? Solving this puzzle would keep him awake deep deep into the humid, cicada-ing night.

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